Car Loan Guide

16 August 2021

Car Loan Guide: What you need to know about interest rates, the choices available to you, and the costs. Car loans are a great way to pay for your next car. But it can be hard to know what you’re getting into. If you want a smart and affordable loan, then we have the perfect guide […]

Four Easy Tips To Prepare For A Boat Loan!

16 July 2021

Have you always dreamed of buying a boat but thought the process was just too complicated to get one? Owning a boat can be both fun and rewarding! It can also provide many benefits for both you and your family! At Ezilend, we want to help you make your dream a reality. So today, we […]

Why Should I Finance a Used Motorbike?

16 June 2021

Buying a brand-new motorbike is a big step, especially if you’re a first-timer. Financing a pre-owned vehicle might be the better option. Here are a few things to consider when asking yourself why should I finance a used motorbike. Tips for Purchasing a Used Motorbike Take time to prepare by putting in your due diligence. […]

It makes sense to finance your new caravan with a finance broker

16 May 2021

Are you an adventure enthusiast, or have you been postponing that eager family road trip from year to year? It is very frustrating when such limitations are caused by the fact you just don’t own a quality caravan! A caravan is a crucial constituent for the ultimate adventure, exploration or family road trip. Suppose you […]

Considerations Before Buying A Used Car

16 April 2021

Did you know that with dedicated research and a well-planned strategy, you can acquire a used car that is as good as a new one? Yes, there are used cars that are as reliable and efficient as new ones. But the most crucial aspect of buying a second-hand car is to take your time to […]

Buying a Caravan: Your Quick Overview

16 March 2021

If you’re thinking about buying a caravan, you’re considering upping your adventure game. Caravans save money on traditional travel accommodations. They let you explore just by stepping out the door. Their customisation allows you to have all the comforts of home. From meeting new people to freedom of movement, a caravan is a smart idea. […]

Five tips for buying a second-hand motorcycle

16 February 2021

Are you looking to get a motorbike? Here we share a few tips to help get you on the right track when looking at second-hand bikes. 1. Research First Before any major purchase decision, you should always research what you are buying and how it matches your needs. Whether a car, boat, caravan or motorbike, […]

Jet-Ski Maintenance – 5 Important Tips

16 January 2021

So you finally got your hands on that Jet-Ski you have always dreamed of owning. You are ready for countless hours at the beach or in your local waterways. The sunscreen is packed, the kids – old and young – are excited and you are set for some real fun.  While any personal watercraft will […]

Camper or Caravan? Choosing the best way to travel around Australia

16 December 2020

Caravan vs Camper Trailer….Which is best for your next Australian road trip? With international borders closed to Australian travellers, the itch to get out and explore our great nation has never seemed more urgent. For the trip of a lifetime, a holiday around our great country offers a wealth of amazing landscapes, wildlife and weather […]

Good Credit vs. Bad Credit – What’s it all About?

16 November 2020

When was the last time you actively considered your credit score? Do you know that you can access your credit report to make sure it is accurate and reflects repayments and credit history? Perhaps you thought about your personal credit rating just before applying for a line of credit, only to realise that it wasn’t […]