7 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Camper

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Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Camper

Going on camping trips is a national pastime here in Australia, whether you’re striking out for a solo wilderness trek or taking the whole family out into the sticks. While you could invest a few hundred thousand dollars in a mobile home or caravan, many people who only plan on camping a few weeks out of the year see a lot of practicality in buying a camper trailer instead. These handy little camping units pull behind a vehicle you already own and can be set up into a cozy portable camping cabin pretty much anywhere there’s room to park. 

But which camper is actually the right choice for you and the adventures you plan to have? Travel trailers can be luxurious or basic, they can come with RV-hookup bathrooms and kitchens or simply serve as a very sturdy tent. The right Camper for you will depend on your style, budget, and how you want to use it. To help you decide, we’ve put together seven questions to ask yourself when choosing a trailer camper.

1) How Will You Camp?

The way you want to camp will be the most deciding factor for your travel trailer. Most people prefer full amenities and all the comforts of home brought along, but this can also run up the price. If you’re more of a hardcore camper and like to ‘rough it’, a dry trailer might be more authentic and affordable while still providing the safety and comfort of a more indoor setting. You may also want to consider campers that ‘pop out’ for extra space when parked but a compact driving mode.

2) Where Will You Camp?

Where you want to park and camp will determine a lot about your camper because it will have to get to those locations. If you want to head into the heart of forests and down unpaved trails, look for compact and lightweight models that won’t sink into the mud or be too wide for certain paths. For a spacious and luxurious camper, you may be planning on spending more time in safe designated camper parking areas.

3) How Long Will You Camp?

Or more to the point, how long does your camper need to be your home away from home? The longer you want to camp, the more space and amenities you’ll want to consider. Three weeks of camping is very different from two days of camping, especially in terms of your ability to clean up the camper, bathe, and store food.

4) How Far Will You Drive?

Another question is how far the camper will go before you stop and camp. Weight and size of the camper will matter when it comes to gas mileage and maneuverability on long drives. If you want to cross Australia for your camping trip, consider more mobile models rated for efficient travel and comfort when you park.

5) How Many People and Pets?

Most campers are only rated for a certain number of occupants, usually about two. It’s generally assumed by camper and caravan manufacturers that the occupants will likely be one adult or a couple though families often travel together. You’ll need to calculate for both sleeping and living space for however many people and pets will be coming along.

6) What’s Your Towing Vehicle?

The last thing you want to do is get your heart set on a camper only to realize that your old pickup simply doesn’t have the hauling power to get the thing across the country to your favorite campsites. Before you even begin your search, know which vehicle will be commissioned to tow and what it’s towing power is so you know your camper maximum weight.

7) Who Will Drive?

Finally, whoever is going to have to drive the towing vehicle needs a say in which camper you choose, as well as how everyone else rides. It’s possible to conduct camper trips either as road trips with everyone in the car or with passengers riding in the trailer as long as there is safety glass in the windows and an easy way to escape in case of emergencies. Talk to your family about how you will travel when deciding which camper to buy.

Choosing a camper is a highly personal decision because it is based on how you like to camp and will shape all your future camping experiences. Choosing a camper loan is also a personal decision. With Ezilend we can make the process of owning your camper trailer an easy choice. Take a look at our competitive rates to see what it will cost you to get into your camper trailer experience.

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