Trends that Make Now the Best Time to Buy a Motorbike

Trends that Make "Now" the Best Time to Buy a Motorbike

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2022 Motorbike Trends

There are many advantages of owning a motorbike rather than a car, especially if you live in an urban centre. With a car, you’ll have to spend more time in traffic, not to mention the higher maintenance costs of motorcar ownership. On the flip side, a motorbike enables you to easily maneuver through heavy traffic, providing quicker access to your destination. Besides, we are in 2022, an age when motorcycle trends make motorcycle ownership pretty viable. 

2022 Trends Shaping the Motorbike Industry

The motorcycle industry has undergone tremendous changes over the years, thanks to technological advancements. Today, it’s not uncommon to find electric motorcycles, making fuel-powered options gradually trail off in dim memory. Motorbikes were quite expensive when they first hit the market. However, increased competition in the industry has made them more affordable. If you’re still sceptical about investing in a motorbike today, here are some 2022 motorcycle trends to nudge you on. 

Electric bikes

With increasing concerns about fossil-fuel-induced climate change, more and more companies are making electric motorbikes. Improved battery technology has reduced charging durations and extended battery life. There are many E-bike options today, and it’s easy to find a user-friendly and affordable bike at a highly competitive price. 

E-bikes contribute to the green initiative. They also come in sleek designs with advanced technology and safety features. Although it will take years before traditional petrol-powered options are phased out, E-bikes will significantly impact the industry in the coming years.

Liquid-cooled motorbikes

Riding under the scorching summer sun can significantly heat your motorcycle engine, but that’s a challenge that liquid-cooling technology solves. Liquid-cooled motorbikes alleviate the heat, ensuring extended engine lifespan, fuel efficiency, reduced engine noise, and enhanced ride quality and comfort. 

Revved-up stability and control

Improved safety and control features, such as Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), side view assist, and Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS), have become commonplace in the motorcycle industry in 2022. Inclement weather, such as heavy rains and snow in the southern states, can make it challenging for motorcyclists to control their bikes. With the new stability and control features, they can brake on an instance or make abrupt evasions without causing an accident. 

Signals and light functions

Unfortunately, motorcyclists have been more likely to get into accidents because other drivers can barely spot them. In fact, Statista found out that there were 229 motorcycle fatalities in Australia in the year ending 30 April 2021. So while motorcyclists wear reflectors to make them more visible, these accidents still occur. See our article on tips to stay safe on your Motorbike.

However, new technologies to enhance safety are rapidly encroaching on the industry. For example, bikes today feature LED illumination that adds to bike aesthetics and ensures safety on the road. In addition, the lights can be synchronized to a smartphone, making traffic signals and even adjusting the intensity using a mobile app. 

Purchasing a new motorcycle vs. a used motorcycle

If you’re planning to invest in a motorbike, you can purchase a new one or a used one. Dealers have both new and certified used motorbikes, but risks are involved if you decide to buy a second-hand motorcycle from a private seller. 

Reliability and longevity considerations

Purchasing a new bike has many upsides. It’s more reliable and has zero mileage. The fact that you’re the first owner makes it more valuable. It also means you get a warranty that you can claim if you notice any quality or craftsmanship issues with the bike. However, it is critical to understand that a new motorbike will be costlier. That’s why you must be picky about the dealer you approach. If possible, do your homework, compare prices, and find out what other people say about particular dealers. 

A used motorcycle is cheaper because it has stacked up miles on the road. But the previous owner must have strong reasons to want to sell it. The chances are that it might have some underlying issues, and thus, it might require maintenance and repairs. That’s not to say that purchasing a used bike is a bad option, but it would be best to weigh its reliability, overall conditions, and features to ensure it fits the bill and suits your needs. 

Financing a Motorbike

Although financing a motorcycle may be different from a car, there are similarities in the most critical aspects. The bottom line is that whether you’re buying a car or a motorbike, you’re basically financing a means to make getting around more convenient. 

A lender will typically check your credit score. If you have a bad credit score, you might want to improve it before approaching a lender for a loan. You can improve your credit score by:

  • Paying off your credit card debt
  • Reducing your credit utilisation
  • Limiting your requests for new credit
  • Consolidating your debts.  

Lenders will see you as a risk when you have bad credit, forcing you to settle for a more expensive loan.

Where to get motorcycle loans?

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