Home Improvement During The Pandemic

5 Smart Decisions For Home Improvement During The Pandemic

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Home Improvement During The Pandemic

Your home is your castle, and right now during the pandemic, it’s also where you spend all of your time. One of the side effects of working and sheltering at home is noticing all the little improvements that could be made. You may already be tightening screws on towel rods and adding shelves to the laundry room. You might also be noticing more significant improvements you’d like to make or thinking about ways to improve your home for the duration of the pandemic.

We’re here to help. You can approach home improvements with a purpose-built loan to make your at-home pandemic time more enjoyable. Today, we want to highlight smart decisions you can make to improve your home during the pandemic.

Secure your home perimeter

Take a walk around your home and your fence line. Home security is not just about keeping out robbers; it’s also about safely containing pets, small children, and even your gardening projects. You can also use gardening or remodelling to create a comfortable 1.5m distance between you and the nearest neighbour.

If your fence is old or damaged, repair it or install a new modern fence. If your gate sags or if the latch is rusty, repairs can significantly improve your overall home security. Check to make sure your exterior door locks are secure and that the doorframes are well-fitted and sturdy. Older homes often have external doors made from outdated materials and worn frames that could be quickly updated for greater security.

Create safe distancing on the front porch

One highly innovative way to upgrade your home is to create a security gate on the front porch. Fine steel mesh or shady wood lattice can create a polite distance between the front door and where visitors stand. Move the doorbell out and add a security gate on the porch. Then each delivery and no-contact service can be greeted at the door and share the shade of your porch without any risk of contact with the family.

Use this opportunity to build out your porch for hospitality as well. Add a table and a storage bench for the convenience of the delivery team. Leave tips and friendly notes in addition to creating more safety.

Make your home more comfortable to spend time in

With the entire family at home far more than ever before, the next most practical improvement is one that increases the comfort of your house. Repair, tune-up, and upgrade your appliances like the air-conditioning, heating and hot water service. Build new cabinetry that adds shelves right where you need them. Or transform surfaces into murphy-style fold away furniture that can serve two or even three purposes.

You can add stairs, hidden safes, or windowsill benches. The right improvements for your at-home comfort will depend on your lifestyle and the shared routines of your family, as well as the architecture you’re starting with. You can also consult with a skilled home builder to get ideas for the smartest home improvements.

Make smart project financial decisions

Another part of making smart decisions is balancing your finances. The best improvements are ones that mesh well with your budget and your plans. You can invest savings that you have specifically set aside for a renovation. Or you can use the equity of your home to take out an improvement loan. Be sure that your renovations fit comfortably into your financial plans. Many modest improvement projects can significantly improve your home within the confines of your budget.

Work with experienced no-contact custom home builders

You want to work with experienced contractors who understand the new no-contact terms. Custom home builders can help you not only bring your vision to life, but they can also advise on the smartest home improvement options. They can suggest ideas based on your current architecture and suggest a few clever improvements to help you capitalise on your existing ideas.

In light of the pandemic, you can still opt of a no-contact service for your in-home improvement. Contractors are happy to work with gloves and face protection and it’s easy to maintain a 1.5m distance for most project tasks. Talk to your contractors about what you can do and how to conduct your project in a safe, no-contact manner.

Ready to make smart improvements to your home during the pandemic quarantine? We’re ready to help you take the financial steps necessary to improve your home while it is the single most important location for the family.

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