New vs. Used: Which Caravan Is for You?

New vs. Used: Which Caravan Is for You?

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Which Caravan Is for You?

Choosing between a used or new caravan seems simple enough. Let the budget decide, right?

But sometimes, it’s not that easy. There are plenty of considerations that have to be part of the plan, including:

  • What do you intend to use the vehicle for? Annual holidays, weekend getaways, taking the family on a 6-month road trip across the country?
  • Space and size required. How many people will need to sleep in the van, what size bathroom do you need, is there an internal or external kitchen?
  • Who will use the caravan?
  • Whether the motorhome is for short or long trips.

Reliability considerations

While a used caravan can do the job, getting a new ride promises a level of quality you won’t get from a second-hand van. A pristine, new caravan ride has many advantages. You are the first owner. If you find anything wrong with it, take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty to straighten it out.

A second-hand vehicle might cost less, but that’s because it has had miles on the road and, for some reason, the previous owner no longer wants it. As a result, it may have some intermittent issues, require some servicing, and probably lack a new van’s advanced features. That doesn’t mean the used ride won’t fit the bill. You have to pay closer attention to see what you’re buying and weigh up the reliability and comfort against your needs. Some dealers offer a warranty on the second-hand purchase, which can give you peace of mind that the vehicle has been serviced and is ready to go.

Budget-friendly used caravans

However, buying a new caravan may not be the best alternative. Newcomers wanting to stick their toes in the water may not see a new motorhome as necessary. Or perhaps you need a six-berth vehicle, and that’s well outside your budget. On the other hand, a well-maintained six-berth used ride could be what you’re looking for.

As with any vehicle purchase, you have to do your due diligence. A used vehicle can come with problems. So take some time to know the age of the trailer, check the maintenance history, and the date of its last service. Get a set of trusted, professional eyes to take a look too.

New caravans have all the bells & whistles

Buying used can limit your choices. You’re stuck with what’s on the floor of the dealer or what you can find through private sales in your area. There will be compromises to make to get the deal across the line. Ultimately, go back to why you wanted the caravan in the first place; this can help you decide the most suitable option and best choice for your needs.

Buying new does provide a greater selection for personalisation. You get the latest trims and features, sparkly appliances and comfortable mattresses. And updating an older caravan could end up being comparable to the price of a new one.

BUT New Isn’t Always Better

A used option certainly works for getting a sense of the caravanning lifestyle. An old ride helps you get comfortable with road adventures. End of the day, what matters is:

  • Getting the right towing and weight power.
  • Ensuring things like the axle, tow hitch, and awning can do their job.
  • You check the caravan for rust, which is a serious problem.
  • Make sure windows, doors, and cupboards are in working order, and
  • Check registration.

Ezilend simplifies any caravan purchase

Whether you want to check out the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park or spend a little more time in Kakadu National Park, a caravan offers benefits that a conventional vacation just won’t. A caravan lets you travel at your leisure. Organise a road trip that fits your adventures and still lets the road take you where it may.

Let Ezilend put you behind the wheel of a caravan of your choice with an easy loan. New or used vans, we can help you get financing. Our expert team is ready to answer your questions. Get pre-approval today.

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