Tips for a First Time Boat Buyer

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Buying a boat can be tricky and daunting ( not to mention expensive). But, when you have the right information and assistance from those that want to help, the experience can become one that is both memorable and exciting.

While the Ezilend team cannot tell you exactly which boat is most suitable for you, we can point you in the right direction. To avoid making an expensive mistake, it’s important to ask yourself (and research) the following questions.

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  1. Should I buy first-hand or second-hand?

Boating is an incredibly enjoyable activity but, like many outdoor pastimes that involve machinery, safety must be considered. If you’re not mechanically-minded (i.e. not equipped to fix mechanical issues should they arise) you ought to consider buying as new as possible. This will minimise extra expenses from mechanical failures or breakdowns and ensure that your days out are always enjoyable. Upgrades are always available as you grow and learn more, but until then, it might be wise to steer-clear of second-hand purchases.

  1. How do I intend to use the boat?

Boats are specialised in their design, so the boat you buy should be determined by how you plan to use the boat. For example, it is important to consider others in the family. If you happen to have kids that aren’t patient about fishing but love watersports (and most of them will) you should buy a boat that will grant you the flexibility to do both.

  1. Shopping for a boat: where to look and what to look for?

YachtWorld and Boat Trader offer a wide range of boats and vessels, and also offer assistance for all aspects of boating enjoyment.

In terms of what to look for on these websites, you should seek out and review highlights and images, as well as other stock offered by the dealer (because the calibre of other stock will be an indicator of the calibre of the vessel you’re currently looking at). It’s important to also focus on service history, trailer condition and suitability for use. When you feel like you’ve settled on a model, we recommend that you always take a test-run and make sure to put the boat through its paces, just as if you were using it on a regular day, and don’t be afraid to tell the vendor what you want to try out!

  1. Some final considerations

Weather: It’s important to consider the prevailing weather conditions of where you live – this will enable you to buy a boat that is safe and appropriate for you.

Sea-sickness: These days, many boats are built for multiple uses and while you may love off-shore fishing, you may be going alone if the rest of the family suffers from sea-sickness. There are tonnes of dams and calm inland waterways where watersports like wake-boarding and water-skiing can be practiced! These sports are great family fun (remember – some compromise is essential!)

Finally, always check that the boat is not stolen or has outstanding finance. The friendly consultants at Ezilend will do this for you free of charge. Contact us today for free and helpful expert advice!

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