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Tips To Stay Safe On Your Motorbike

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Stay Safe On Your Motorbike

If you own a motorbike, or scooter (or just like to drive one occasionally), safety should be important to you. Though you want to have fun, you also want to arrive at your destination in one piece.

Here are some tips to keep you safe while driving your motorbike.

Always protect your head

Whether riding your bike on-road or off-road, it is compulsory in Australia to wear a helmet. An approved motorcycle helmet must comply with Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1698:2006. Protective motorcycle helmets manufactured after March 31,2011 will have an identification mark from a ‘body accredited or approved by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) certifying compliance¹‘.

So make sure your helmet is compliant. Otherwise, you could end up with head injuries. Many times, these turn out to be deadly. Your life is not worth riding without proper headgear.

Protect the rest of your body also

Protective riding gear will help to protect the rest of you! Leather clothing is stronger than other fabrics, causing less wear on your skin if you hit the road. Boots can protect your feet and ankles. Gloves and eyeglasses should also be worn.

Many riders like to wear reflective clothing so that other people on the road will see you easier. You can buy reflective clothing, or you can add reflective tape to your clothes. Either will help you stay safe.

Don’t get on your motorbike if you have had anything to drink

Drinking and driving is a significant cause of accidents. You won’t be able to react as well if you are under the influence of alcohol, which means that you are more likely to get into an accident and hurt yourself (or others).

Or you don’t feel well

When you are riding your motorbike, you must be ready to go. If you didn’t sleep that well, feel a little stiff, or just don’t feel right, you may want to keep it at home.

Your motorbike (and your own safety) needs you to be functioning at one hundred per cent. If you don’t feel like you can give it all that you have, it might be better to skip the bike ride.

If you are involved in an accident with your motorbike, you are more likely to be hurt than if you were in an accident with your car.

Don’t drive too fast

Even though your motorbike can go fast doesn’t mean that you should. Obey the speed limits and slow down around curves and places where you would be hard to see.

Make sure that your motorbike is safe before taking it for a spin

You should always go over your motorbike before you leave. Make sure that your tires are in good shape. Tire pressure is very important. Flat tires are dangerous!

Look around to make sure that nothing is leaking. You should also check your hydraulic fluids and antifreeze. If needed, fill them up before you leave.

You should check your lights and signals to make sure that they are all in working order. You may want to take a small spin around the block to make sure that the brakes and steering work well before you head out. 

Safety should be your priority

Your safety should be your number one concern before you ever get on your motorbike. Make sure that you wear protective gear, including a helmet, leather clothing, gloves, and eyeglasses. Boots can also protect your feet and ankles.You also need to make sure that you are prepared to ride your bike. A mistake could cost you your life (or someone else’s). Once you are satisfied the bike is in order, enjoy the ride! Nothing is better than feeling the wind pass you by as you cruise off on your motorbike.

If it turns out your motorbike is not in order, or you are looking for a new bike and need a bike loan, our competitive rates and great customer service might be just what you need. Contact us out today!

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