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Quick Guide to Caravans

New vs. Used: Which Caravan Is for You?

Choosing between a used or new caravan seems simple enough. Let the budget decide, right?

But sometimes, it’s not that easy. There are plenty of considerations that have to be part of the plan, including:

  • What do you intend to use the vehicle for? Annual holidays, weekend getaways, taking the family on a 6-month road trip across the country?
  • Space and size required. How many people will need to sleep in the van, what size bathroom do you need, is there an internal or external kitchen?
  • Who will use the caravan?
  • Whether the motorhome is for short or long trips.

Reliability Considerations

While a used caravan can do the job, getting a new ride promises a level of quality you won’t get from a second-hand van. A pristine, new caravan ride has many advantages. You are the first owner. If you find anything wrong with it, take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty to straighten it out.

A second-hand vehicle might cost less, but that’s because it has had miles on the road and, for some reason, the previous owner no longer wants it. As a result, it may have some intermittent issues, require some servicing, and probably lack a new van’s advanced features. That doesn’t mean the used ride won’t fit the bill. You have to pay closer attention to see what you’re buying and weigh up the reliability and comfort against your needs. Some dealers offer a warranty on the second-hand purchase, which can give you peace of mind that the vehicle has been serviced and is ready to go.

Budget-Friendly Used Caravans

However, buying a new caravan may not be the best alternative. Newcomers wanting to stick their toes in the water may not see a new motorhome as necessary. Or perhaps you need a six-berth vehicle, and that’s well outside your budget. On the other hand, a well-maintained six-berth used ride could be what you’re looking for.

As with any vehicle purchase, you have to do your due diligence. A used vehicle can come with problems. So take some time to know the age of the trailer, check the maintenance history, and the date of its last service. Get a set of trusted, professional eyes to take a look too.

New Caravans Have All The Bells & Whistles

Buying used can limit your choices. You’re stuck with what’s on the floor of the dealer or what you can find through private sales in your area. There will be compromises to make to get the deal across the line. Ultimately, go back to why you wanted the caravan in the first place; this can help you decide the most suitable option and best choice for your needs.

Buying new does provide a greater selection for personalisation. You get the latest trims and features, sparkly appliances and comfortable mattresses. And updating an older caravan could end up being comparable to the price of a new one.

BUT New Isn’t Always Better

A used option certainly works for getting a sense of the caravanning lifestyle. An old ride helps you get comfortable with road adventures. End of the day, what matters is:

  • Getting the right towing and weight power.
  • Ensuring things like the axle, tow hitch, and awning can do their job.
  • You check the caravan for rust, which is a serious problem.
  • Make sure windows, doors, and cupboards are in working order, and
  • Check registration.

Ezilend Simplifies Any Caravan Purchase

Whether you want to check out the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park or spend a little more time in Kakadu National Park, a caravan offers benefits that a conventional vacation just won’t. A caravan lets you travel at your leisure. Organise a road trip that fits your adventures and still lets the road take you where it may.

Let Ezilend put you behind the wheel of a caravan of your choice with an easy loan. New or used vans, we can help you get financing. Our expert team is ready to answer your questions. Get pre-approval today.

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Finance Your New Caravan with a Finance Broker

Are you an adventure enthusiast, or have you been postponing that eager family road trip from year to year? It is very frustrating when such limitations are caused by the fact you just don’t own a quality caravan!

A caravan is a crucial constituent for the ultimate adventure, exploration or family road trip. Suppose you plan to buy a new or used caravan. In that case, it is reasonable to consider your budget, savings and consider how you can finance the new purchase. By doing your homework, you can make proper financial arrangements to ensure that the project is successful without putting you in financial jeopardy.

In the current world, various financial firms will offer you the services of securing a loan for your caravan project, but these loans come with different terms. To secure the best deal, conduct your research to determine the best-suited financier. The primary sources of loans are banks and caravan financial brokers. A caravan financial broker is client-centred, and here are some of the reasons why you should consider this option for your caravan project.

Access to a multitude of lenders

Accessing finance for your caravan from a bank is very stressful as the banks usually do not have that specific loan for the project. They will provide you with a costly loan without even offering you various options to choose from. On the other hand, when you approach a reliable broker, you get access to a variety of financiers for the project and access to various terms, giving you a chance to choose the most convenient option for you.

Convenience is also an essential factor when securing a loan; a broker will save you the hassle of moving around and comparing the various lenders for decision-making. They always get the job done for you, and it does not stop there; they guide you in making the best decision, such as assistance in getting a low-interest product and other financial advice.

It is a faster, more straightforward process

You do not want to have to follow up your caravan loan processing for months. Caravan finance brokers ensure that their process is quick and efficient, which means transactions go faster. They ensure that the following processes are streamlined as quickly as possible:

  • Caravan finance quote processing which is obligation free and does not affect your credit rating
  • Application submission
  • Communication with Ezilend Finance team
  • Approval
  • Loan disbursement for buying your new caravan

Use our online finance calculator to get an idea of the repayments for any amount financed at specific interest rates.

Do you know you can get your new caravan within days? Yes, once you can confirm that you are comfortable with the monthly repayments, you can access pre-approval straightaway. What follows is the formal application and the approval, which means that within days, you can make that caravan purchase and get ready for the road trip. You can fast-track the process, too, if you have all of your required documentation ready to upload online.

Proven experience with caravans

If you make a phone call or visit any bank for inquiries, there is a high probability that the customer service team may be unfamiliar with how caravan financing works. This can be a hindrance and waste your valuable time. When making sound financial projects come to fruition, you need a resourceful partner. Caravan finance brokers are experts who have the know-how of caravan financing. With the right guidance, making the best decision is a guarantee.

A personalised service

Anywhere you shop and experience excellent customer service indicates how that business values your contribution. When dealing directly with banks, their core objective is to treat you as a number, so as you transact, they treat you as a new addition. Your application is one of the numerous applications that must be processed by their teams. They have no real incentive to move things along quickly for you. You have to operate on their terms and to their timelines. When you interact with a caravan finance broker, you open a new chapter of the relationship. They walk with you during the whole process giving you the best advice which cannot be found within the current banking environment. They will take the application as their highest priority, getting the best possible deal for you as quickly as possible. You are not a number when you deal with Ezilend.

Continued support after financing is secured

When you work with caravan finance brokers, they give you a personalised service for your loan. They also ensure that the relationship continues throughout the financing period until the loan is fully paid. Good finance brokers should have many return customers; ones who purchase their cars from us, then camper trailers, caravans, boats, and jet skis. Having a great reputation is second to none, and receiving 5-star reviews speaks volumes. Working with the Ezilend Finance team is one of the best decisions you can make as they give you timely updates that keep you in the know about your loan progress.

Talk to Ezilend – Your Finance Professionals

Do not postpone that lifetime adventure or that road trip. Make a move today and contact Ezilend for the best financial insights that will put a smile on your face as you plan for the big event.

Quick Guide to Caravans

Buying a Caravan: Your Quick Overview

If you’re thinking about buying a caravan, you’re considering upping your adventure game.

Caravans save money on traditional travel accommodations. They let you explore just by stepping out the door. Their customisation allows you to have all the comforts of home.
From meeting new people to freedom of movement, a caravan is a smart idea. But it’s also a big decision. This is an investment you want to do right. We want to help you see Australia while keeping budgets in check and comfort high. Read on for a quick overview for buying a caravan.

Visualise Your Idea of a Great Caravan Layout

Learn what makes for a good caravan, the extra requirements when you buy a caravan and what features work for you. Questions should include:

  • How many berths will you need?
  • Do you need that lush lounge or large dining area?
  • What are you planning to do with the caravan?
  • How often will you likely hit the road?
  • How many will probably go on your adventures?

Be Patient

Experienced adventurers know this. If you’re new to caravanning, you don’t want to put your money into the first vehicle you lay your eyes on. Considering the newest designs, getting knocked off your feet is common. The upholstery, tech and gadgets, and interior facilities can make a newbie anxious.

Stay objective. Take your pictures and move on. You can always come back. Due diligence requires you to investigate and learn more. The best way to do that is through shopping. You’ll come to see things like the layout and all-up caravan weight are critical. Most likely more so than that amazing microwave or cool dining table.

This Has to be a Hands-on Venture

Unless you know caravans, all that thorough internet research isn’t enough. You want to get out to the dealerships. The entire family has to be with you. Sit in the caravans and imagine what essentially living in it will be like.

This research will be invaluable as your knowledge base grows. Something as seemingly unimportant as an awning, a big help in warmer months, can suddenly become a deal-breaker.

Tread Carefully

You will run into deals that are impossible to turn down. Hold off on whipping out the chequebook for a deal that’s making you do backflips. Salesmen know you can cross the road and find a better deal. They’ll work that angle. Hard. It’s about a commission, not your interests. Handing over a deposit too soon leaves you vulnerable to driving a caravan not right for you.

Get a solid idea of the layout your family and adventures need. Find a few models that fit the bill. Now, you’re in a position to play the game.

Caravan Financing

You can buy new or pre-owned, but you’re likely going to need a little help closing the deal. The right caravan loan can make the difference between the purchase becoming a dream or a nightmare. You want the best rates. You want pre-approval, giving sellers a reason to fight for your business. Pre-approval is a must when buying a caravan, just like with a home purchase – you need to know how far you can stretch your budget, what your repayments will be and then you can drive a better deal. Don’t get caught up in emotions. Know up-front exactly what you can afford to buy and that you are ready to go. By being prepared you can assure the caravan seller you are a serious buyer, and get a better deal. Financing with pre-approval and planning ensures you’ll get the right caravan for your adventures.

Caravan Finance Ezilend

Camper or Caravan? Choosing the best way to travel around Australia

Caravan vs Camper Trailer….Which is best for your next Australian road trip?

With international borders closed to Australian travellers, the itch to get out and explore our great nation has never seemed more urgent.

For the trip of a lifetime, a holiday around our great country offers a wealth of amazing landscapes, wildlife and weather to enjoy. If you’re planning a trip around Australia, you’re about to experience the adventure of a lifetime. But what would be the nest way to travel?

Two of the most popular ways to travel Australia include by camper and caravan. Both offer advantages and disadvantages to travellers, but which is the best choice for your trip?

Trying to decide between the two options is really the tip of the iceberg. In today’s market, both options have so many variations that you can choose the comfort level and ease of use that best suits your travelling style, level of homeliness or adventure.

If you’re facing this difficult choice between choosing a camper or a caravan for your next adventure, here are a few questions to ask when making your decision.

How much space do you need? 

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing whether to use a camper trailer or a caravan for your Australian road trip is how much living space you will need when on the road.

While campers can offer plenty of living space to lay mattresses or cots, some require you to bring along your own cooking equipment and any furniture or beds that you plan to use for your trip. You may also need to pack up these items every morning and set them up each night depending on the set up of your trailer.

A caravan, however, offers fold-up beds that can pack away easily each morning and include built-in stoves, refrigerators, and seating, which saves a significant amount of setup time compared to a camper. The convenience also could extend to bathroom amenities in the caravan. This may be a complete luxury compared to the camper where you may ned to utilise facilities at camp grounds and caravan parks.

Once you determine the amount of space your family or travel partners will need and the level of comfort you desire, you will have a better idea of whether a camper or a caravan makes more sense for your trip.

How long do you want to travel? 

Your travel plans will also help to decide what will be the best overall option for your trip. Are you planning a series of short getaways or longer holiday adventures? Would you be looking at travelling for two weeks? Two months? Six months? The duration of your trip can influence the type of vehicle you decide to purchase.

While campers usually cost less, they do require significant time each day to set up and pack away, which can eat into your time to explore and enjoy your trip. Caravans, however, offer more convenience and require less investment of your time.

If you’re planning a shorter trip, then sleeping on mattresses and setting up your living space each night may not prove much of a hassle. If you’re planning to be on the road for several months, however, then you may appreciate the convenience offered by a caravan.

Where do you want to go?

From the wildlife to the landscapes, Australia offers endless adventure and beauty. The types of places you want to go on your trip and the distance you plan to travel can influence whether you buy a camper trailer or a caravan.

Both campers and caravans will require you to have a tow vehicle. Between your tow vehicle and your camper or caravan, you will need a significant amount of space at your campsite each night. Caravans, particularly, require significant space to park, as well as access to power hookup. While Australia offers many nice caravan parks, you may find the locations of these parks inconvenient compared to your desired itinerary. Campers, however, are smaller, lighter, and more mobile, allowing them to access smaller sites outside of caravan parks more easily, giving you greater flexibility for where you can travel or your trip.

If you plan to do any off-roading on your trip, accessing some of Australia’s more remote and difficult to access locations, you will need a tow vehicle with four-wheel drive. While some travellers do take their campers and caravans off-roading, it can pose risk to the vehicle, requiring maintenance. If you plan to go off-road, you will want to buy a camper or caravan that has been specially designed for off-roading.

What’s your budget?

For most of us, budget influences our decisions. And this is true for your decision on whether to buy a camper or a caravan. More than any other factor budget plays a major role.

Campers are lighter, easier, and cheaper to tow than caravans, but they do not offer the same conveniences as caravans. Similarly, off-roading vehicles, whether campers or caravans, offer greater flexibility as to where you can take your vehicle, but they cost more than vehicles designed to stay on-road.

Before you decide which vehicle to purchase  – a camper or caravan or an on-road or off-road vehicle  – you will want to think carefully about the type of trip you want and which vehicle will best provide you with that experience.  Once you have resolved your decisions around comfort, convenience, cost and where you want to travel and how you  want to experience that adventure, then you can set to work finding a vehicle to meet those needs.

Good deals on both new and used campers and caravans exist, so it’s worth taking some time to ensure you find the right vehicle for you.

If you need help financing your purchase, consider caravan and camper loans to help you make your Australian road trip dream a reality.