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Solar Loans Brisbane

Thinking about going solar in the near future? EziLend makes affordable solar loans to Brisbane residents and business owners looking to get off the grid and take control over their energy bills. If you’ve ever thought about what solar could do for your finances, consider talking to an agent from EziLend.

You can get a solar loan from EziLend at the very affordable rate of 6.9%, which is lower than what other agencies typically offer for solar loans in the Brisbane area. Borrow from $10,000 to $40,000 to get set up with solar power and take from 1-30 years to pay back the loan.

Your bank may have discouraged you by telling you that they don’t usually lend for solar set-ups, or may have made you feel like you were a poor risk for the loan. If you have credit issues in your past or do not have access to the collateral your bank was looking for, you may have walked out of the loan office feeling like there was no way you could get the funding you needed.

EziLend works with numerous lenders who are passionate about helping clients get financing for solar energy. You can get approved right over the website by visiting and starting the quick and easy pro-approval process, or make a call to a local agent at 1 300 850 447 if you prefer to work with a knowledgeable specialist. The typical solar loan of $25,000 comes with a variety of flexible options designed to meet your budget. Consider your payment options to see just how affordable a loan can be:

- Take the full 30 years to pay off your solar loan and your weekly payments will be only about $37 or monthly payments of just $164.
- Pay pff your solar loan in 25 years and your weekly payments will be only about $40, or monthly payments of about $175
- Pay off your loan in 20 years with weekly payments of about $44 or monthly payments of about $192
- Pay off your loan in just 10 years’ time with weekly payments of just $66 and monthly payments of $288

You’ll find solar loans in Brisbane are an affordable option- and considering how solar energy is going to lower your power bills, you just may find that you’re better off financially after taking out the loan than you were before.

Many home and business owners consider solar to be a great investment, and one that pays for itself over time. Solar loans offer immediate savings on your Brisbane electric bills. Along with state and local incentives, you may just wish you had gone solar sooner.

Contact an agent from EziLend by calling 1 300 850 447 if you have any questions about residential or business solar loans in Brisbane or go online to to apply for pre-approval right over the website. You’ll never regret investing in solar energy. Be sure to get financing from an agency that has your best interest at heart. Contact Ezilend today for the best terms. Solar Loans Brisbane

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